How to choose the right net for you

Best Basketball Net

Choose the best basketball net for your game

If you are looking for a catch net for those missed shots then check out our page on best basketball catch nets. If you are looking for a catch net for all those swishes then read on!

Choosing the right basketball net

An often overlooked part of a basketball set up is choosing the perfect basketball net. One of the main things you want to hear when you’re out on the court with your friends is that sound of a swish as you drain that three pointer or shoot an easy field goal. We’ve put together a a guide in helping you to understand what’s important when buying yourself a basketball net.


The first aspect is color, even if its just for the aesthetic feel of the basketball experience that you’re having. You can get nets that are one color or multicolored. Typically, multi colored nets are in blue, white and red with single color nets typically, white.


Size is an important thing as well. Make sure that the net you’re going to choose can actually fit the basketball hoop that you bought check out our basketball hoops page for ideas.

Backups - the often overlooked aspects

Remember that you might wanna have backups. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out on the court. You made shooting some hoops and you realize that someone does an awesome dunk and pulls the net off and breaks it, and you can’t actually get it back up. So make sure if you’re buying a net that, you always get a spare as well.


Weatherproof nets are really important if you’re setting it up on an outdoor court, check out the reviews to see what other people have said in regards to whether or not the net is weatherproof. And the last part of that, or a subset of that is checking out whether the net is going to fade or deteriorate in sunlight. So not only rain, but also sunlight is important.

Time to buy!

Check out the table below. We’ve put together a table of some cool nets that you can buy over on Amazon. We hope that you bring the sound of that swish back to your game.