How to choose the right basketball shoes for you

Best indoor/outdoor basketball shoes

Choose the best basketball shoes for your basketball setup

There are many important considerations in choosing the best indoor or outdoor basketball shoes for you. We’ve put together a list of some important features that you may want to look for when choosing your shoes.


Basketball shoe comfort

Number one is comfort. Comfort is perhaps the most important thing. You’re far better off wearing shoes that are comfortable than shoes that may have a better image. The main thing you want to search for his comfort. There’s many ways to check out if the shoe is going to be comfortable or not. These include reading reviews to having reviews of other people and also trying on the shoe in a store.

Style/Cut/Ankle Support

Shoe style cut and ankle support

The second most important consideration is the style cut ankle support. What we mean here is that it’s really important that you get the right shoe for you. Some players prefer shoes that are high cut, which means that the ankle is covered by the shoe, whereas other players prefer shoes that are low cut, where there is minimal ankle support. Some players feel that it offers the most freedom in their ankles. The key thing here is to find what’s best for you. Perhaps initially you can go for a shoe with a mid cut, which means between the low cut and a high cut. You will definitely have a preference for either low, mid or high cut basketball shoes. The style may also be important when you’re playing indoor and outdoor basketball. You want to make sure that water is not going to get through the actual material of your basketball shoes. You’re more likely to purchase shoes that are water repellent if you’re going to be playing in an outdoor setting.


Basketball shoe grip

The third thing to look for is grip. Primarily this is your main friend when it comes to changing direction on the court at rapid pace. This is often overlooked feature. The easiest way to think about grip is to look on the under sole of the shoe. Typically, you want a shoe that will grip both indoor courts and outdoor courts. This means you need to find a happy medium between the two. For example, an outdoor shoe will have a large grip so that it’s more likely to be able to get traction on the surface on which you’re playing. Small grip shoes could easily get filled with dirt or little stones when you’re on the outdoor court. Grip is a really important thing, regardless of whether you’re paying indoor and outdoor. It’s definitely worth looking at the reviews and seeing what players have to say about the grittiness of the shoe.


[Basketball shoe weight

The next item is weight. Now this doesn’t seem like an important one initially, but it would be surprising for most players to realize how much shoes weigh and how different they can be. The key thing here is that you want to find the lightest shoe that meets all or most of your objectives. The reason is, you don’t want to be weighed down when you’re on the court, you will use less energy, less exertion and easier to jump in your play.

Foot Shape

Foot shape

The last item and interesting consideration is actually foot shape. We consider that foot shape is important because generally different brands of shoe provide a better match to foot shape. There are two different types of foot shapes, for example. Typically, we found that Converse are more suited for a shorter, wider foot, whereas Nike is better suited for a longer narrow foot. This doesn’t always mean it’s this way, but it’s something you should take into consideration. You’ll probably start to have an affinity for a brand when you realize the brand caters for your particular foot shape. Different soles give different widths, et cetera, and that’s definitely something worth considering.