Basketball Catch Net

If you are looking for a catch net for those perfect swishes then check out our page on best basketball nets. If you are looking for a catch net for all those missed shots then you have come to the right place!

Do you ever get frustrated of all the time you spend shooting basketball hoops only to have the shot miss everything and roll off away behind the hoop? Well, maybe it’s time that you consider it a basketball catch net. Now, catch nets are really effective at speeding up your training. The reason is instead of wasting time chasing after basketballs, you’ll have the net catch the basketball and stop it from rolling away, making it much easier to grab the ball and practice your next shot as you try to improve your game. Wayward shots have always been a problem, but these days there’s a catch net to help you solve it. There’s several different types of basketball catch net. The main things to consider when looking at purchasing a basketball catch net.


It’s important to make sure that the span of the catch net is actually great enough for your use case. You want to make sure that it’s wide enough and high enough. Some types of catch nets actually extend right up behind the backboard, while others may remain below the backboard. The main time that you want to extend above the backboard is if you’re taking lots of side shots where it gives you a bit of extra room in case you go behind the backboard. Otherwise the backboard could be a pretty good catcher in itself.

Assembly and Attachment

Another thing to consider is the assembly and attachment of the catch net. Most catch nets are able to be set up in a matter of minutes, typically around 10 minutes. But the important thing is that some of them are only made for specific types of basketball hoop. So you want to make sure if you’ve selected one of the basketball catch nets that appropriate for the hoop that you have.


The really important thing is what happens to this when you’re not using it? You don’t really want it extending out covering a broad area the whole time when you could really just have its stored away simply. You’ll find a feature on many of these nets where they are actually able to fold up against the pole that supports your basketball hoop.

Buy a catch net and keep practicing!

We hope this helps you in understanding a few of the things that are important to look for. There’s another type of net catcher, and that is one that also acts as a basketball returner. We’ve listed a couple of basketball catch nets that you may be interested below that are popular on Amazon. Check them out and check out the reviews to see if they’re the right basketball catch net for you!