Best Rated Indoor Basketball Game

Imagine the thrill of playing a basketball game from the comfort of your inside your own home. Yes, that’s right. With one of these best rated indoor basketball games, you’re able to shoot hoops on a mini basketball system from the comfort of your own home. If it’s a cold day outside, you don’t have to go outside. You can just sit in comfort shooting hoops. We’ve put together a list of what options there are for indoor basketball games. We consider important features in this review to help you to know what to look for when purchasing one of these games.

Single Player vs Multiplayer

The first thing to look for is whether or not you want a single player or multi player system. A single player game would typically just have the one hoop. And there’s advantages and disadvantages to this game. There are also multiplayer systems, which will generally have two hoops. The main advantage of single play games that they’re going to generally be cheaper, since there are less components and the size of the overall unit is typically smaller. Keep in mind that some single hoop units often have a multi player mode. The disadvantage of this is that you won’t be able to be shooting at the same time as your friends. You’ll actually have to take turns. We think this disadvantage can sometimes lend itself to pushing you more towards the multi player versions. Now, a big advantage with multiplayer games is that since there are two hoops you’re able to play simultaneously. Well, technically speaking you could also take turns but the key thing here is that you have options. The disadvantage of having such options, however, is that it’s likely to cost a little bit more. But still, we think that the multiplier systems on the way to go for an indoor system.

Electronic Scoreboard and Buzzer

The next important thing to consider is the scoreboard and buzzer system. You want to make sure that your system has an electronic scoreboard and is ideally able to be used in one or two player mode. In two player mode it should also be able to keep track of your score and to determine the winner. Even better are those that can maintain a high score for the games. Music is also great but we will talk more about music a bit later on.

Enclosure (or Cage)

The next important thing to consider is the type of cage that the indoor basketball game is enclosed in. You want to make sure that the cage meets your objectives and needs. For example, some cages are rigid and therefore once set up, you generally leave these units in place, and you wouldn’t be packing them up. Others have foldable systems that allow you to put it away. Keep in mind you’re particularly use case and what might be beneficial for your system, which you want to install in your home.

Moving vs Non-moving

The next thing to consider and is somewhat rarer, is a moving versus a non moving system. Most of these units often have the basketball ring in place, even though it may be height adjustable. However, what we’re talking about is whether or not the whole backboard and ring can actually move. There’s two general directions which it moves. It’s generally forwards and backwards or sideways - having said that up and down is potentially another option. Having a moving hoop is great for interesting game play, but we don’t really view it as a necessity. It can be interesting to help you to adjust your shot to changing conditions. This can often result in more fair play for people that are not used to the geometry of the system.

Basketball Hoop (Ring) Size

The next thing to consider is the size of the ring and the hoops. Great questions to ask are: What’s the size of the hoops? What size ball effectively will be used for this game? You will want to make sure that you choose a system with the size ball that you want. We like the smaller hoop and ball systems since they are more compact and don’t restrict the age of who can play as much. Often the smaller balls are a lot of fun, because that allows the players to pick one ball up with one hand while looking for the other ball down below. That brings us to the next point.

Number of balls

The next point is about the number of balls. So how many balls are actually supplied with the system? How easy would it be to find replacement balls? These games get particularly fun when you’re able to use other basketballs and have many balls going at once so that you get a rapid shooting style action. And it just adds to the excitement into the pressure and the overall enjoyment experience associated with these indoor basketball games.

Scoring Accuracy

Now we talked about it earlier. The next most important thing is scoring accuracy. So the scoring accuracy refers to the fact that most of the time the basketball games have electronic sensors, which could determine whether or not the ball successfully went in the hoop. Now the scoring accuracy can stop a lot of quarrels. What happens sometimes is the sensors don’t quite pick up that a ball went in or went out, and therefore the score they show can be slightly off. So you want to look for something that’s got pretty good scoring accuracy. Keep in mind that you don’t want to pay too much of a premium to have this added ability, but it definitely is nice to get a feel for the real score.


The last item on our list here is about music. Now this might sound funny, but it’s actually quite nice if you’ve got different music options associated with the system. Of course, you can use your own music just generated in your house and play. But it’s nice to have that game feel, actually, having music involved in the game. So that could be a nice feature that you may want to keep your eye out for!

Great Options

We’ve had a look around on Amazon, and we think that there’s some great options there. We swish you all the best as you think about the things that we’ve talked about that important in choosing an indoor basketball game for yourself. And so we leave you with our recommendations below. Click on the links to check them out on Amazon. We wish you all the best in your indoor basketball game adventures!