Basketball Shot Rebounder

Do you need help in making the ultimate shot? Are you sick and tired of running after those great shots that went in, but you’ve got to go over to the ring to pick up to pick up the ball and take it back out to where you shot from? Well, it’s probably about time that you considered a basketball shot rebounder. Basketball shot rebounders help you to receive the ball back giving you the ability to be able to make another shot quickly after you made the first. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what to look for when you look for a basketball shot rebounder?

Type of shot to return (Made or missed shots?)

The first thing to consider is whether you want to return just the shots that were successful or the shots that you make plus the ones that you may miss. It’s important to consider that if you just want to return the shots that you make, there’s usually an attachment that fits straight on the basketball ring, which can guide the ball back to you. If you’re interested in returning all shots, then you can actually get a device that not only has the attachment under the ring but also has a net around the ring to catch those wayward shots (and in some cases just has a net without an attachment to the ring). It’s also important to consider that as your game improves, you’ll likely want to move to just returning the made shots rather than the made and missed shots.

Swivel return (360 degrees return)

The next thing to consider is whether you want the ball to be able to be returned to a certain position on the court, and by this you’d have to look for some kind of ball return some out there allow for a full 360 degree return, which means that you can return from any direction which you want to be able to practise your shot. This is a very useful feature of a basketball shot returner.

Others don’t have a swivel type arrangement. They are actually more fixed in place and require a little bit more adjustment in order to change the direction to which you return that shot. This may result in you becoming a bit more lazy in perfecting shots from the exact location. The advantage of these types of attachment is they often cost less, but if you can afford it, we recommend the swivel type.

Ease of attachment

The next thing to consider is how easy it is to attach these units to the actual basketball hoop. You want something that is easily able to be attached, yet has a firm enough attachment that it can actually last.

Net returners

The next thing to consider is whether or not you have a net verse a attachment. The hoop attachments are generally better as they’re not a permanent fixture down low, because it’s important to also dribble around a bit, and these nets can sometimes get in the way. We generally think that net returners are not as good as the hoop attachment type.

Check out reviews

The next thing to consider is reviews. This is really important with basketball shot rebounders, as some of these systems are not built very well. You can learn from the experience of others, so make sure you check out the product reviews to see what other customers think.

Go improve that shot!

Well, that’s it. We hope that this guide has proved useful in helping you to make a choice for a good basketball shot rebounder. We’ve put together a bit of a list of some of the products from Amazon. Click on the link and good luck with improving your basketball shot.