Basketball Rebounding Equipment

Why bother to learn to rebound?

Perhaps one of the most important parts of basketball is rebounding. Now, the reason that rebounds are so important is that, according to Wikipedia, field goal percentages are actually quite low. And if your field goal percentage is around 0.5 or half the shots are successful, it is actually considered quite good. This means that around about half of all basketball shots actually miss. Imagine the advantage that you have if your team gets the ball - if you’re getting those rebounds.

Rebounding equipment - how it works

There are several aides that can help you to develop your rebounding skills. Some of the best basketball rebounding equipment are actually devices put in the hoop to stop the ball from going through the hoop and thus creating a rebound in itself. These tools mean that there is a 100% chance off a rebound being possible on every single shot. What this means is that for your training sessions, there’s no wasted time. So what exactly are these rebounding tools? Well, essentially, they’re devices that fit inside the ring. There’s different attachment mechanisms, but the point of them is that no basketball is allowed to go through the hoop, and instead every single shot is rejected by the hoop, thus creating a rebound. There’s several things that you want to look for when looking for your own basketball rebounding equipment.

Good Attachment

Firstly want something that has a good attachment. Look for one that’s suitable for you. Generally, there’s a couple of types. There’s those that just fit into the ring and those which are actually screwed onto the ring. The difference is being that you’re going to have to go to different levels of effort to put it in and take it out. And then there’s different levels of effort with how well it actually stays in the ring. So make sure you get an attachment that’s suitable for your needs. Often they’ll also be accessories to assist in installing the ones that just fit into the ring. Often there is a poll that comes with it to keep your eyes open for that.

Types of rebounding equipment

Now, it’s important to know that there’s several different types that are available. Some just place a ring inside the basketball hoop such that the basketball can’t actually fit through it. Think of it as a small ring (smaller than a basketball) inside the normal basketball ring. The other type completely covers the ring itself. Some are smooth on their surface and rounded so that the ball’s flight is actually predictable for rebounds, and others have a random pattern array on it, which means that it’s a little uncertain as to which way the ball’s going to go. They each have their different place and, given the low cost its sometimes beneficial to get several different types so that you can develop different aspects of your rebounding skills from predictable to unpredictable shots.

Go get that rebound!

Good players know where the rebound will generally go, but great players will always go for a rebound. These tools will assist you into setting your mind right and getting in there and going for every single rebound. We’ve had a look on Amazon and have put together a selection of these basketball rebounding devices. Check them out, and if they meet your needs, buy one and improve your game!